Complete partner in real estate management, from the stage of analysis and development of the project concept to the delivery of the facility and its operation #NO_MORE_PROBLEM

1/ Creation of an office for your request (BUILT-TO-SUIT)

We take care of everything - from finding premises with the conclusion of a lease agreement and the creation of a turnkey office to the full management of office operation. With us, you can fully focus on your business. Our approach to the office as a communication space will help you attract effective, creative and non-linear staff, as for potential employees, the office is the second reason after the salary when choosing a job.

2/ Asset potential assessment

The assessment of the potential of your asset is an analysis of the land or building. The result is a background information about what are the opportunities and limitations for the development of the object you are interested in. This service can be used by both legal entities and individuals. Considering an asset for development or for a personal purchase, with the help of our analytics, you can get a preliminary idea about the asset and make your personal judgments about the advisability of further consideration of the object.

3/ Public interiors

We have extensive experience in developing projects in the field of interiors from concept to implementation. Your object will be taken care of by the same team of specialists that implements its own projects of the "Architectural Environment" within the framework of micro-development. Therefore, you can be sure of the competence of the design decisions made and their further implementation in high quality, allowing you to comfortably operate the facility. By contacting us, you are not contacting a design office or a construction company, you are contacting a partner who knows what it is like to operate a building after the designer and builder have completed their work and leave the site.

4/ Technical customer in architecture

Our services as a Technical Customer in architecture consist in preparing a plan for the implementation of an object, assessing its economic potential, and visualizing the development parameters of an object in the form of a concept. In order for the concept to become an action plan for the subsequent stages of documentation development and construction, we obtain AGO or AGR Certificates. Certificates are issued by authorized executive authorities, they are an agreement on the external appearance of the object and the layout of the land plot allocated for this object.