About us


Experts in the field of micro-development. Redevelopers of public interiors, spaces and buildings.
With the Architectural Environment team, it's #NO_PROBLEM for you to find cool space for rent in the most interesting locations. Our facilities cater to audacious start-ups and fast-growing businesses. Go about your business with maximum involvement, and we will make sure that the space contributes to this!
We call ourselves briefly - the AE team. We are talking about boring work, turnkey full-service offices where everything is included in a single payment, about interesting functional spaces, about care & events, about cool design, about high-quality finishing work, about competence in the field of real estate development.

Come and work in the spaces created for you, order design projects for yourself in combination with finishing works and construction supervision, if you have already chosen the space yourself or want to change the existing one, and also consult with us on the development of real estate assets that interest you.

AE founders
– Denis Efimtsev and Yulia Pishchukevich