Assessment of the potential of land plots

The result is a background information about what are the opportunities and limitations for the development of the object you are interested in. This service can be used by both legal entities and individuals.

Why is a land valuation necessary?

Considering an asset for development or for personal purchase as a suburban real estate, with the help of our analytics, you can get a preliminary idea about the asset and make your own personal judgments about the advisability of further consideration of the object.

Useful for those who own or plan to purchase land and/or buildings.

We are not a real estate agency, we have no task to sell you a plot or a building, so we are not interested in embellishing or hiding from you any available information about the object.

It is worth remembering that we do not give expert opinions and are not appraisers. Our analysis is not material for litigation or other claim actions.

What data is used to assess the land

For analytics, open data sources are used, however, in order to find and compare this information, it will take a lot of time and effort, as well as knowledge of the urban planning laws of the subject of the Russian Federation where the asset is located. With broad competencies and rich experience in the field of real estate assets, we know how to provide you with the most necessary reference information in the shortest possible time.