Ready-made offices spase-as-a-service object 18/50

Ready-made offices
Available area: 15 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | 60 | 80 | 100 | 300 sq.m (half of the fourth floor).

The maximum possible area is 600 sq.m. (entire 4th floor).

With its access to the stairs. Separate entrance area, and a separate bathroom. Currently divided into 13 rooms, which are subject to redevelopment. Entrance to the building from the inside with a separate vehicle entrance. The building has a unique private inner green quiet courtyard.

The building is adjacent to the former Sushchevskaya police and fire station built in the 1850s. The name of the office from the Architectural Environment Team reflects the history of the place as a unique part of the city. The neighboring building is the second of the two towers that have been preserved in the entire city of Moscow. Also in 1898, the first ambulance station in the city was set up here. The planned historically rich functionality of our 18/50 facility is not accidental, as it has a unique location.

The AE team is currently implementing a new space with flexible workspaces and rich additional functionality. When everything is ready, you will only have to come to your new office. We take care of all the concerns. You will only have to make a single monthly payment in which everything will be included.

Area: from 15 to 600 sq.m
Opening of the object: active

Moscow, m. Novoslobodskaya